Speaker Packard Appoints Top Leadership Team

Concord, NH- Following his election as Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives, Sherman Packard (R-Londonderry), has announced the following list of appointments to his leadership team.

Deputy Speaker- Rep. Steven Smith (R-Charlestown)

Speaker Pro Tempore- Rep. Kim Rice (R-Hudson)

House Majority Leader- Rep. Jason Osborne (R-Auburn)

Deputy Majority Leader- Rep. Fred Doucette (R-Salem)

Deputy Majority Leader- Rep. Laurie Sanborn (R-Bedford)

House Majority Whip- Rep. Jeanine Notter (R-Merrimack)

Majority Senior Advisor- Rep. Andrew Renzullo (R-Hudson)

Majority Senior Advisor- Rep. Len Turcotte (R-Barrington)

“I am proud to be working alongside a diverse and talented group of legislators that represent a cross-section of the House,’ said Speaker Packard. “The last two years we were successful because we worked together and remained unified. We are in unprecedented times, and I truly believe with this leadership team we will continue to work together to address the ever growing needs and critical issues of our state and our citizens.”

More appointment announcements are expected in the coming days. Rice and Osborne had previously been appointed to their positions by Speaker Dick Hinch on December 2, 2021. Packard had been appointed deputy by Hinch.

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