Chairman Spillane Encouraged by the Passage of HB442

Concord, NH – House Fish & Game committee Chairman James Spillane (R-Deerfield) released the following statement after the House passed HB442, establishing a scuba diver recreational lobster license and relative to lobster trap location tracking by a vote of 276-100.

“I am thrilled that this legislation got the support of over ⅔ of the House. This bill allows a limited amount of divers to catch up to 3 lobsters for personal use and free countless lobsters from derelict traps. Should this legislation become law, New Hampshire would partner with our surrounding states to address the millions of abandoned traps off our shores. It is likely that two-thirds of these traps contain live animals that will certainly die,” said Spillane.

“This bill creates a partnership between divers and lobstermen that will help save hundreds of thousands of animals caught in these abandoned traps. It will clean up the ocean floor and preserve the habitat of these creatures. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure this legislation becomes law.”

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