House Democrats Cheer Socialist Takeover of Healthcare

Concord, NH – Representative Leah Cushman (R-Weare) released the following statement after House Democrats cheered for the government takeover of healthcare during the debate on HB565, relative to expanding Medicaid to include certain postpartum healthcare services.

“I was deeply disturbed to see House Democrats cheering on the floor for a complete socialist takeover of our healthcare industry. This is a dangerous and extremist agenda that would lead to the complete destruction of our healthcare system. We have seen how this plays out in other countries.

The Democrats’ government-run healthcare dream would mean lower quality of care and limited choices for New Hampshire families. It would also impose massive new taxes on hardworking families and businesses, further burdening our already struggling economy.

A socialist takeover of healthcare is completely out of touch with the needs of New Hampshire. The vast majority of our citizens are happy with their current healthcare plans and do not want to see them replaced with a one-size-fits-all government-run system.

It is clear that House Democrats are more interested in advancing their extremist socialist agenda than in working for the people they were elected to represent. I will continue to fight for a common-sense approach to health care that empowers patients and providers, preserves individual choice, and promotes innovation and competition.”

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