House Democrats Fight to Give Undocumented Individuals the Ability to Vote

CONCORD, NH – Representative Gregory Hill (R- Northfield) released the following statement after House Republicans defeated HB1666, relative to the application process for drivers’ licenses and the privacy of motor vehicle records.

“The sheer number of issues with this legislation is startling. As written, it would have turned us into a sanctuary state and hampered the enforcement of immigration laws in New Hampshire. We all welcome our state’s vibrant immigrant community and obstructing the fair enforcement of federal immigration laws is an affront to future Americans undergoing the process legally.”

“This bill would have eroded the integrity of New Hampshire elections by potentially granting thousands of non-citizens the ability to vote. House Democrats lockstep support of HB1666 makes it clear how extreme they have become. This legislation is just a small example of the disastrous agenda that awaits Granite Staters if Democrats take control of this state.”

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