House Republicans Stand for Veterans’ Tax Credits

CONCORD, NH – Representative Terry Roy (R-Candia) released the following statement following the House of Representatives passage of HB 1667, relative to the standard and optional veterans’ tax credits and the all veterans’ tax credit on a vote of 205-127.

“As Americans, it is critical that we honor the service of our brave men and women who have stepped up to serve our country. Whether it is in a fighter jet with the Air Force or on a battleship with the Marines, everyone who serves our country should qualify for veterans’ tax credits. HB 1636 would extend the veterans’ tax credit to members of the National Guard and reserve components of the military by expanding the definition of ‘veteran’ to include them in statute. Considering the reserve and National Guard components of the military branches have been away from their families, deployed, and killed in equal proportion to other branches of service, they ought to be entitled to the same benefits as their fellow brothers and sisters in service. I want to thank my fellow Republicans for their support of this legislation and all of our brave men and women who continue to stand guard and defend the Granite State and our country from harm.”

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