House Republicans Continue Making Progress on Occupational Licensing

CONCORD, NH – House Executive Departments & Administration committee Vice-Chair Jennifer Rhodes (R-Winchester) released the following statement after the House passed several bills reforming occupational licensing in New Hampshire. 

“House Republicans continue to lead the way on knocking down barriers for Granite Staters looking for work. The number of occupations that require a license has drastically increased over the past few decades. These requirements are often rationalized by saying they are needed to protect consumers. While I agree that there are cases where requirements are necessary, we must strike the right balance. There are far too many instances where burdensome licensing requirements have little to no effect on achieving their stated goal. The passage of these bills will empower more people to enter the workforce and reduce costs for consumers. I thank my Republican colleagues for their continued support of legislation reforming licensing in New Hampshire and we remain committed to making more progress on this issue.”

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