House Republicans Promote Free Markets

Concord, NH- Rep. Jim Kofalt (R-Wilton) released the following statement after the House overturned the committee report and passed HB1044, relative to policies required for health facilities and special health care service licenses.

“This bill is about one thing: the free markets. This bill would make a small but meaningful change in the statute governing the licensing of critical health care facilities. In 2016, the legislature made a provision in that statute requiring that licensed health care facilities serve all patients regardless of the source of payment. HB 1044 would exempt certain facilities from that provision. Specifically, those that operate on a membership-based business model or direct payment business model.”

“This bill would not have a negative effect on critical care hospitals. We had critical care hospitals prior to 2016, and we will have critical care hospitals with this legislation. They are already protected by a 15-mile exclusion zone preventing the opening of new facilities within that radius, and receive higher Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement rates based on their status as critical care hospitals.”

“Protectionism never leads to efficiency, cost savings, and never spurs innovation. Free markets do. This bill creates a modest opening for free-market healthcare innovators to exist, and it will be good for New Hampshire.”

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