House Republicans Fight Government Vaccine Mandates

CONCORD, NH – House Health, Human Services & Elderly Affairs committee Vice-Chair Erica Layon (R-Derry) released the following statement after the House passed HB1455, relative to state enforcement of federal vaccination mandates and HB1495, prohibiting the state from requiring businesses to require vaccine or documentation related to vaccination or immunity status.

“The passage of these bills is a victory for medical freedom in New Hampshire. House Republicans recognize that the government should not interfere in personal healthcare decisions, and I thank my colleagues for standing up for individual freedom. The COVID pandemic led to a disturbing overreach by governments across the world attempting to force the population to receive a vaccine they may not want. The need for action is clear. HB1455 and HB1495 would provide further protection from government vaccine mandates that threaten to create a separate class of citizens and undermine the rights of Granite Staters. Here in the “Live Free or Die” state, we respect the rights of individuals and I look forward to continuing our work on this issue.”

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