Republican Leader Applauds House Vote to Sustain Veto of HB250

DURHAM- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch released the following statement after the House voted 194-146 to sustain the Governor’s veto of HB250, establishing a dental benefit under the state Medicaid program. 

“As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the State of New Hampshire is facing historic revenue shortfalls. It’s difficult to plan for a crisis like this, but Republican’s history of low spending has allowed us to be in a difficult, but manageable position. This bill proposed adding a new dental benefit to the state Medicaid program, but provided no actuarial analysis or even a fiscal note. Republicans can’t in good faith support this legislation when we aren’t sure how much it will cost. Our neighbors to the south have had their own issue with their dental medicaid benefit. They’ve had to cut and reestablish it twice already.”

“In these already uncertain times, Republicans will not allow Democrats to dig our fiscal hole any deeper. While in the majority, Democrats have grossly mismanaged our state finances every step of the way. Our fellow New Hampshire taxpayers deserve better.”

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