Republican Leader Applauds Defeat of Democrats Income Tax

DURHAM- House Republican Leader Dick Hinch released the following statement after the House voted to sustain the Governor’s veto of HB712, relative to a family and medical leave insurance program by a vote of 195-143. 

“If one thing has become clear over the last two years, it’s that New Hampshire Democrats have fully embraced ending the New Hampshire Advantage in favor of turning us into a high tax state like California. Republican concerns with this bill were clear from the start, we would not support a plan that’s likely to be insolvent, mandatory, and creates an income tax. Rather than address our concerns, Democrats sent essentially the same bill to the Governor’s desk two years in a row. They were never serious about getting anything passed, they were intent on playing politics. Voters will remember their repeated attempts at passing an income tax this November, and I’m proud that Republicans stood up and said “no” at every opportunity.”

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